Blinkist must read book cryptocurrency Blinkist How Crypto is Challenging the global economic order

Blinkist Must Listen to Books

Everyday I listen to a new Blinkist to start off my morning, it’s an easy 12-15 minutes that put me in the right mindset. I will begin sharing my daily Blinkist with you each week. Which will compile weekly ‘Blinkist Must Listen to Books’ which are my favorite books on the Blinkist app… Are they the best books? Time will tell, there’s so many.

How you start your morning has a major impact on the remainder of your day, thus, hopefully some of you find this useful. We all want to read more, but how many of us make the time. Blinkist makes it easy to read a summary of popular books in usually just 12-15 minutes.

Blinkist Must Listen to Books: Week 1

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Crypto is Challenging the Global Economic Order

Blinkist must read books cryptocurrency Blinkist How Crypto is Challenging the global economic order

The Age of Cryptocurrency gives an overview of the history and nature of Bitcoin. It explores the definition of “money” and explains the dramatic impacts that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will have on our economy and the world at large.


What is money, exactly? It’s not the bills in your wallet. Those bills don’t have any inherent value – they’re just bits of paper. So why can you buy goods and services with them?

Blockchain: The Next Everything

Blockchain the next everything Blinkist book best top 10

Blockchain (2019) takes a look at what many are calling the most groundbreaking technological innovation since the Internet, the blockchain. It breaks down how this unhackable digital ledger works, how it inherently subverts traditional hierarchies, and why experts think it could radically affect businesses, governments, banking, culture, and communication.

Blockchain Revolution

blockchain blinkist best book bitcoin's technology is changing money, business and the world

Blockchain Revolution sheds light on a new technology that may soon change the way we bank and do business. Blockchain is the technology behind the Bitcoin – but it could be so much more. If we utilize it fully, we could do away with costly middlemen and create a transparent financial system free from the endless corruption and dark money that plagues the world.

Blockchain Chicken Farm

Blockchain Chicken Farm Blinkist GoGoChickens

Blockchain Chicken Farm (2020) is an examination of the way technology is entangled with everyday life. This sweeping survey of life in rural China unpacks the social, political, and economic changes we can expect in the twenty-first century.



Charlie Munger The Complete Investor

Charlie Munger The Complete Investor Blinkist Warren Buffett Investing books top 10

Charlie Munger (2015) is your guide to understanding the strategies and principles that for years have guided Warren Buffett’s financial partner, Charlie Munger, considered one of the world’s most successful investors. These blinks introduce you to the Graham value investing system that Munger uses, explain the importance of patience and courage, and show you how to make smart decisions using interdisciplinary knowledge.


The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 Principle Blinkist Best Book Review best business book

The 80/20 Principle (1997) was named one of GQ’s Top 25 Business Books of the Twentieth Century. It’s about the 80/20 principle, which says that 80 percent of results are generated by just 20 percent of effort. This phenomenon has huge implications for every area of life, as it helps single out the most important factors in any situation.

For example, many businesses have found that 20 percent of their product range actually accounts for 80 percent of their profits.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck Blinkist Book Best Book top 10

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (2016) concentrates on living a better life by caring about fewer things. In this book, based on his influential blog, Mark Manson explains the few simple rules that will help anyone lead a happier, less stressful existence.

Do what you want, not all you can.

Complete List of All Blinkist Must Listen to Books

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